Distaff News

BSFA Longlist

The BSFA longlist for works published in 2019 is out, and DISTAFF has not one, not two, but FIVE authors on it! A huge congratulations to:

  • Susan Boulton – Ab Initio
  • Damaris Browne – The Colour of Silence
  • Shellie Horst – My Little Mecha 
  • Jane O’Reilly – The Broken Man
  • Rosie Oliver – The Ice Man

Click here for the full list.

Launch Party!

A week ago, on August 23rd, we held our official DISTAFF launch party at Titancon (Eurocon) in Belfast. Three of our authors — Kerry Buchanan, Jo Zebedee, and Juliana Spink Mills — were able to attend the event, which had a great turnout and was very nicely presented by science fiction author Paul Corcoran. A huge thanks to everyone who came, and a special mention to DISTAFF author E.J. Tett who made the delicious space-themed chocolates! (www.hollybluebridport.com)

Happy Release Day!

It’s release day for DISTAFF! We’re so proud of our anthology, and delighted to finally be able to share it with the world.

We’ll be back with photos from next week’s launch party, but for now, here is a recent review by Matt from Runalong The Shelves:

Overall a very strong set of SF tales that demonstrate the variety that lies within any genre.  A lot of new names to me to watch out for and I think for people who enjoy testing their SF boundaries this would be a great place to explore the various futures that may await us.

Runalong the Shelves

And Part 1 of a fun author interview by fantasy author Peat Long:

It’s a wonderful collection of stories, ranging from charming to bleak and thoughtful – often in the same story.

Peat Long

From the blog of fantasy author Thaddeus White, a guest post by DISTAFF author Damaris Browne:

Above all we’ve spun stories full of hope, determination, resilience and love. What more could any SF lover – male, female, both, neither, Earthling or otherwise – want?

Damaris Browne via Thaddeus White

5 Days to DISTAFF!

Release day is coming up fast. On August 15th, the DISTAFF anthology will be available both for Kindle and as a paperback. Grab yours while the Kindle preorder price is still up!

Jo, Shellie, Kerry, and Juliana will all be at Worldcon in Dublin from August 15-19; we’ll have bookmarks and a few copies of the anthology with us. You can find us at the following panels and events, or just wandering around the convention center!

Jo: Invasion and the Irish imagination – 15 Aug, 11:00 / Working as a writer in Ireland – 16 Aug, 14:00/ Autographs – 16 Aug, 16:00 / Northern Irish SFF – 17 Aug, 10:00 / What is Irish science fiction now? – 18 Aug, 16:00

Kerry: ‘Celtic’ fantasy and mythology – 15 Aug, 16:00 / Imagining Disabled Futures – 18 Aug, 14:00

Juliana: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading – 16 Aug, 17:00

The following weekend, we’ll hold our official launch party at Titancon in Belfast. Come to the Lisburn room on Friday August 23, from 19-21:00. We’ll read from our stories, and have a short Q&A session hosted by Jan Siegal, author of the Fern Capel series. There will be chocolates! And cupcakes! If you’re at Titancon, don’t miss out.

If you can’t make it to the launch party, but plan to be at Titancon, you can also find Kerry at the Medbots, Tricorders and More panel on Aug 23 at 12:00, and at A Closer Look at Anthologies, on Aug 23 at 16:00. Juliana will be on the Found in Translation panel on Aug 22, 17:00. Jo will be here, there, and everywhere, as one of Titancon’s Featured Participants.

Hope to see you there!

One Month To Go

It’s hard to believe that, after more than a year of planning, writing, editing, and all of the other things that help make a book, well, a book, we’re only a month away from the DISTAFF launch at Worldcon in Dublin and Titancon in Belfast.

As a sneak peek of sorts, here are a few reviews for our sci fi anthology:

A story-by-story review by editor, bookseller, and fantasy author Dave de Burgh.

Another nice review by science fiction author Mark McClure.

Our first Goodreads review.

We can’t wait for August 15th! Remember, preorders are up on Amazon, and you can add our anthology to your Goodreads list here.

Off to a Good Start!

With only 56 days to go until release day, our sci fi anthology is off to a good start. Not only did we reach an Amazon #2 ranking on the day we launched our preorders…

…but we’ve also received our first Goodreads review!

An eclectic collection of tales, each standing out well from the others. The themes are varied and flow very well. (…)Excellent reading for a commute to or from work, or a relaxing night with your feet up.

Click on the link above to read the full review or to add Distaff to your own Goodreads reading list.

Distaff is up for Preorder

We’re thrilled to announce that DISTAFF: A Science Fiction Anthology by Female Authors is now up for preorder. Our release date has been set for August 15th, 2019, during Worldcon in Dublin, Ireland.

You can preorder Distaff here.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to present our Table of Contents! We’re all looking forward to August so we can share our stories with the world.