Susan Boulton

Like the song by The Police says, Susan Boulton was born in the ’50s, and she had the unusual distinction of arriving into this world two hundred yards from where, thirty-seven years before, Tolkien spent time thinking about hobbits.

Susan has lived all her life in rural Staffordshire, and has a passion for the countryside, its history, myths and legends, all of which influence her work. Married with two grown daughters, Susan now puts her overactive imagination (once the bane of both her parents and teachers) to good use in her writing.

Susan is the author of Hand of Glory (Penmore Press) and Oracle (Tickety Boo Press). She has had short stories published in the following: Flashspec volumes one and two, published by EQ books; Touched by Wonder, published by Meadowhawk Press; Ruthless People; Alien Skin; Golden Visions; The Dark Fiction Spotlight; Tales of the Sword, published by Red Sky Press; Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil, by Tickety Boo Press; and Kraxon Magazine.

You can find Susan at susanjboulton.co.uk or on Twitter @BoultonSusan.

Damaris Browne

Damaris Browne is a former solicitor whose ancestors include Spanish aristocrats, Somerset horse-dealers, numerous soldiers of various ranks from private to general, and one wife-murderer.​

When not writing about SF alien judges and fantasy characters in historical settings (not yet both in the same novel), she spends her time reading, gardening, ignoring housework, and hanging around at SFFChronicles, where she’s a moderator known as The Judge. She lives with her husband, cat, and a lot of books, on the edge of the New Forest National Park in England.​

Kerry Buchanan

Kerry Buchanan hatched in the wilds of Yorkshire, but now nests in the wilds of County Down, not far from Ballynahinch.

She is a retired vet, stable hand, carer and dreamer who wrote her first novel in 2014. Since then, she has had short stories published both online and in print, and has occasionally been lucky enough to win prizes – and the competitions weren’t even fixed. She writes science fiction, fantasy, and crime.

Kerry has been successful in several competitions, including a first place in Skypen (Blackstaff Press’s competition for new writers, now defunct), and runner-up in Haynet and Lavender and White’s equestrian-themed short-story competition, as well as winner of the 2015 Special Submissions Window for Kraxon Magazine with “The Survivor”, and third place in Kraxon Magazine’s short story of the year competition in 2014 with “Soul Ship”. Recent publications include “Matchgirls” in the Bangor Literary Journal, and she has a piece of flash fiction, “Only a Clockwork Heart”, accepted for an upcoming anthology, The Bramley, published by Armagh Flash Fiction.

You can find Kerry at kerrybuchanan.co.uk or in Twitter @Cavetraveller.

Shellie Horst

Yorkshire-born Shellie Horst is never far from a castle or a decent brew. As well as her freelance work, Shellie Horst writes science fiction and fantasy. Her fiction was first published in 2013. She is a regular contributor to SFFWorld, a popular science fiction and fantasy review site. She also organises HumberSFF, making the genre more accessible for fans across the Humber region.

Find out more about Shellie by visiting her website: www.millymollymo.com or following her on Twitter @millymollymo.

Rosie Oliver

Rosie has been in love with science fiction ever since she discovered a whole bookcase of yellow-covered Gollancz science fiction books in Chesterfield library. She was very disappointed when she read the last of those novels. Her only option then was to write science fiction. Which is what she did after gaining two Masters degrees in mathematics, and a career in aeronautical turned systems engineering. To help her along the way, she gained an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, where her course novel was shortlisted for the Janklow and Nesbit prize as the most promising novel on the course.

Over twenty of her short stories have since been published in magazines, anthologies and as standalone e-books. Her story “Cyber Control” was voted the favourite short story in Kraxon Magazine in 2016. She published / edited the SFerics 2017anthology, from which one of the stories, Angular Size, by Geoff Nelder was shortlisted for the 2017 BSFA shorter fiction award. While writing her C.A.T. (a robo-cat) novel, she gained eight Honourable Mentions from the international Writers of the Future Contest, purr, purr, purr. She is currently concentrating on writing science fiction novels in different universes (yes, plural!).

You can find Rosie online at rosieoliver.wordpress.com.

Jane O’Reilly

Jane O’Reilly is the author of the Amazon bestselling space opera Blue Shift and the sequel Deep Blue. She likes Captain America and biscuits, and lives near London with her family.

You can find her on her Facebook page, on Twitter as @janeoreilly, or at her website www.janeoreilly.co.uk.

Juliana Spink Mills

Juliana Spink Mills was born in England but grew up in Brazil. Now she lives in Connecticut and writes science fiction and fantasy. Sometimes her stories are dark. Sometimes there is kissing. Or stabbing — things could go either way, really. She is the author of Heart Blade and Night Blade, the first two books in the young adult Blade Hunt Chronicles urban fantasy series. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies and online publications. Besides writing, Juliana works as a Portuguese/English translator, and as a teen-library assistant.

Find out more about Juliana at jspinkmills.com, or by following her on Twitter @jspinkmills.

E.J. Tett

E.J. Tett has been writing stories since primary school, some of which still survive in notebooks in her dad’s attic, and wanted to be an author as soon as she realised it was a possible career choice and “pony” and “ninja” weren’t viable options.

Her first short story, “Club Freak”, about an anonymous woman’s determination to find her husband’s killer, was published by Park Publications’ Debut magazine in May 2009. Since then, she has gone on to write many short stories and poems for various small presses and has achieved an honourable mention in the 2011 Writers of the Future competition.

In 2014, writing as Emma Jane, she signed her first publishing contracts for not one, but two novels: Otherworld, formerly published by Torquere Press, and Shuttered, by Dreamspinner Press. She also has two novels published by NineStar Press, one a space opera and the other a contemporary romance.

Find E.J. online at ejtett.weebly.com and follow her on Twitter @emizzy.

Jo Zebedee

Jo writes science fiction and fantasy, sometimes in her space opera world of Abendau, sometimes on the streets of her native Northern Ireland. She is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and, after the success of Inish Carraig where she destroyed Belfast in an alien invasion, is currently working on an all-new dystopic vision for her land. 

As well as writing, Jo is the former chairperson of Women Aloud NI, an organisation dedicated to raising the profile of women writers in Northern Ireland, and founder of SFFNI, a group for speculative writers based in Northern Ireland. She’s also active on the Irish convention scene as well as various book festivals and events throughout Ireland, and regularly delivers courses and workshops about writing. 

She’s had oodles of short stories published, has been listed in The Guardian as a “Top 10 Irish SF writer”, has been an Amazon bestseller, and thinks that, for a supposed hobby, this writing lark is great craic altogether.

When not writing, Jo runs her own management consultancy and taxis teenagers to various places. She’s considering cloning technology as a viable answer to her inbox concerns. 

You can find Jo online at jozebedee.com or on Twitter @jozebwrites.


Rosie Oliver (see bio above) and Samanda R. Primeau

Samanda R. Primeau (it’s pronounced “Sam” – the rest is silent) is a jack-of-all-trades who has been, at one time or another, everything from a country radio DJ to a poker dealer to a pet store manager, but hopes to be just a writer when (if) she grows up.

Sam’s short stories can be found in the Malevolence – Tales From Beyond the Veil anthology, from Tickety Boo Press, The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel and Journeysanthologies, from Woodbridge Press, The Last City anthology, from Dust Publishing, and Kraxon Magazine.

Sam lives in Colorado with her husband, two children and two dogs, where she reads, writes, edits, and complains about the weather, which is required by law in Colorado.

She can generally be found on SFFChronicles.com, under the name of TheDustyZebra, or on Twitter as @SamPrimeau.

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