Happy Release Day!

It’s release day for DISTAFF! We’re so proud of our anthology, and delighted to finally be able to share it with the world.

We’ll be back with photos from next week’s launch party, but for now, here is a recent review by Matt from Runalong The Shelves:

Overall a very strong set of SF tales that demonstrate the variety that lies within any genre.  A lot of new names to me to watch out for and I think for people who enjoy testing their SF boundaries this would be a great place to explore the various futures that may await us.

Runalong the Shelves

And Part 1 of a fun author interview by fantasy author Peat Long:

It’s a wonderful collection of stories, ranging from charming to bleak and thoughtful – often in the same story.

Peat Long

From the blog of fantasy author Thaddeus White, a guest post by DISTAFF author Damaris Browne:

Above all we’ve spun stories full of hope, determination, resilience and love. What more could any SF lover – male, female, both, neither, Earthling or otherwise – want?

Damaris Browne via Thaddeus White

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